Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Can't Wait.

I can't wait to eat my Mom's 21lb Organic Turkey she just picked up from PCC. I also can't wait to spend Thanksgiving with my family along with Troy's Mom who will be joining us at my parents house. Last year we went on a Mexico cruise for Thanksgiving where we feasted on lobster & crab - while it was so much fun but it will be so wonderful to have a traditional feast. I can't wait to wake-up with Troy and watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade while our egg & sausage souffle is cooking in the oven.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving spending time with your loved ones.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Paint samples

Here are the paint samples; they look a bit off from scanning but I think you get the idea. Last night Troy and I painted the room with the Lavender Lace color and it looks nice but very light. Oh God - I'm having second thoughts..... Lavender Lace is the large swatch on the right and Silverberry is the large swatch on the left.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Day of Surprises

I had my monthly routine Dr's appointment yesterday and invited my Mom along; afterwards we were going to do some shopping at U Village. It was sure to be a quick appt. since the monthly routine appts. are to check weight and check your urine for a few things. So I got on the scale (ugh..) peed on the little stick and then waited for the nurse to come get my
Mom and I. We went back into the room did the blood pressure stuff and then Dr. Levine came in. I introduced him to my Mom and the first thing he said was "how about we go into the ultrasound room to check her out so your Mom can have a peak". I was so thrilled since women usually only have 3 u/s throughout the whole pregnancy and my Mom was able to see her on the screen dancing around. I could not believe that he offered this and wasn't expecting to see her for quite a while. It was so special to share this with my Mom.

And when I thought the day couldn't get any better......

One of the main reasons why we went to U Village was to look around at Pottery Barn kids and check out the fun decor stuff they have - mainly these great lavendar polka-dot basket covers. I didn't realize that they carried crib bedding in store so it was fun to look at the stuff that I have been obsessing over for the last month. I saw my bedding that I was planning on ordering online but not in my color so my Mom asked the very helpful saleswoman if they had my color in back. The saleswomen came out with my bumper, skirt, and 2 fitted sheets that matched. I know you must think that I am crazy for even thinking that this is a big deal but I have literally been obsessing over my bedding and when to order it so that fact that it gave me a chance to cross it off my list was way beyond me.
Seriously - just ask Troy, I have been insane for at least 3 weeks now, going on four. So to top everything off I got up to the register to pay for my purchases and the whole crib bedding set went on sale that very day!!!!! Are you freakin kidding me???!!!!!

Troy and I put it on the crib when I got home and it looks even better than I expected. Again call me crazy but I feel like the largest most absurd weight has been lifted off my shoulders.


Monday, November 17, 2008

Going crazy

Yes that's right - I am officially going crazy. I had a 'minor' meltdown on Sunday (although Troy would say different) all because of the stupid paint that I have yet to choose for the nursery. I can't for the life of me decide if I want to paint the room a neutral taupe color or lavendar. The lavendar samples that I've bought the last couple of days have been too Easter-egg purple and I absolutely do not like those types of colors on walls; light pinks, greens, blues, purples, etc. My aunt and I went out cold-calling this afternoon (something people do in sales jobs not usually with their aunts but we work together) and made a pit stop at Home Depot and looked at some colors. I really needed a third partys' opinion as Troy is changing his mind as much as me. I think I may have limited the colors choices to 2; Lavendar Lace or Silverberry. I could have pretty much ruled out the idea of taupe since I started this post a few minutes ago as I really think a girl's nursery needs to be something besides a neutral color. If I do lavendar looking walls then I can accent with limes, chocolates, blues, even pinks (maybe) but if I do a taupe room then my color choices are limited due to the different shades of taupe - lavendar doesn't look very nice up against taupe.

I'm beginning to sound like a schitzo.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Getting started

So Troy and I picked up the crib this weekend and put it together. I absolutely love it and am so happy with our choice. I had been looking on the internet for months trying to find the perfect set and had no clue that JC Penney's carried furniture, but apparently they do. We should be ordering the dresser/changer in the next week or so and then the majority of the furniture will be in the room. I'm excited to start painting and visualize where to go from there.

We've decided on lavendar, chocolate and cream or white as our colors and were going to put up this great damask wallpaper that I found but realized that it was going to limit us on the decor. For some reason I've been obsessed with damask and found a great picture of a nursery with damask curtains, so I think that's how I will incorporate the design element into the room. I'm going to ask my Mother-in-law to make them (although she doesn't know this yet) since I would be a mess trying to contruct curtains. I can't wait!!!

I'm really trying to get a good belly pic but the side view Troy took last night looked funny so here is a frontal shot.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Last night

Troy and I headed over to my parents house last night to have dinner with my Mom as my Dad is out of town for a few days. She made the best flank steak tacos with pickled onions, cilantro and a great mexican pesto-type rub. My contribution was a mixed greens salad with toasted green pumpkin seeds and a creamy lime vinaigrette. As some of you know it's not unusual for my Mom to cook a fantastic meal as this is a daily occurrence for her -this is where I get my love of cooking.

Even though the meal was fantastic and my Mom and Troy were enjoying what I think is the best wine around (Molly Dooker The Scooter), the absolute hands down best part of the night was when we were in the kitchen preparing the meal and my baby started kicking quite a bit so I grabbed my Mom's hand and put it on my belly. The look on her face was truly priceless as I don't think she expected such a forceful kick.
Can you imagine the feeling you get as a Mom when feel your daughter's daughter kick in her belly.....it was a really great moment.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Let's Reminisce

For some reason the last few days I have been thinking about my college experience when I didn't have a care in the world. A few nights ago while Troy and I were watching TV I asked him if he ever stopped at the Bookie on the way to class while it was snowing to get some coffee.... Weird question huh?? I have no idea why I brought that up to him but it just popped into my head as a regular significant college moment.
Michelle and I were chatting back and forth via email this afternoon talking about our Friday afternoons in college and how we remember them like they were yesterday; go to class (maybe), get coffee at Starbucks, go tanning at Body Magic, go to Moscow to buy a gross shirt from Macy's for some 'exchange' that night, eat dinner at DG's, then get ready with a house full of fun girls. It was so easy back then. You didn't have to work to keep in touch with people and as Michelle put it, all of your best friends were in a 4 block radius.

I am so greatful for my college experience and I have no doubt that college helped mold me into the woman I am today. I hope every WSU alum realizes how lucky we were to have lived in such a remote place like Pullman which forced us to be such a tight knit community.

If only I could go back in time for just a weekend for one last hoorah...wouldn't that be nice?

Enjoy these funny pictures that I found.(check out Michelle's crimped hair)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I missed out

I sure wish I would have elected to trash my absentee ballot and instead voted at the local church with Troy; I think I would have felt more involved...

Let's keep our fingers crossed that the right person wins....we all know who that is.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Weekend of pleasure

I will start off this post with saying that this was a wonderful weekend full of great happenings.

On Halloween, Troy and I stayed in and we made a wonderful baked gourmet Mac & cheese and handed out candy to the cute trick-or-treaters that came to our house, we had about 15 total and were worried we were going to run out of candy. It was so nice to be at home, relax and watch fun scary movies.
Kenai watching the kids walking around the neighborhood

Saturday was pretty chill with it being quite rainy, we just stayed inside and dinked around the house. I took this chance to clean the house since it was in need of a deep cleaning and Troy decided to organize and clean my office which continues to drive me crazy - but I appreciate it. Later in the day when I was reading, the baby started moving quite a bit and you could actually see my belly moving along with it. I screamed bloody murder for Troy who was upstairs and he flew down and was able to feel her for the first time - it was pretty incredible. She has continued moving like this all weekend which makes me thing she has gone through a major growth spurt in the last few days since her movements are so obvious now. Not at all like the 'butterfly feeling' that most books talk about but more like kicking and rolling in my belly. What is really weird is when she positions herself right on my bladder and all of a sudden I feel so much pressure and my belly gets super tight and hard right where she is - it must be her butt or head.

Last but not least Sunday was Laurel's baby shower and it was so much fun to be with everyone, especially Laurel who looks like she is going to pop anyday now. She is due in 4 weeks and her Dr. already says she has a 6 lb. baby inside of her....oh geez. Here are some pics from yesterday...