Thursday, April 29, 2010

What has Westyn been up to for a few weeks....?

Momma tried out some pig tails on me.....
I gave Kenai some kisses as I do everyday...

I snuck in some Starbucks...

Played at Grasslawn park with my cousin Campbell...

Gave some kisses to a very large frog......

Got myself a girly blackeye.....

But man I still look good... even with pieces of scrambled egg on my face..

I watched Daddy fertilize our grass....

And celebrated my cousin Campbell's 2nd Birthday.... Isn't she pretty....

She looks just like her Daddy, my Mommy's brother, Uncle Brandon.....I'm really going to miss them when they all move to New York.

I even had my turn at the pinata. I told Daddy I could take care of it myself but he insisted on helping. Whatever!

Oops - I got caught stealing the top to my Mommy's water bottle... I mean Daddy gave it to me.

And last but not least I decided to have a chat with Mommy last night. It went a little like this... "Momma, these last 13 1/2 months have been wonderful and I thank you so much for letting me get some good good milk from your boobies but I think I'm ready to call it quits. I'm ready to be a big girl now if you wouldn't mind." And that was that. No more breastfeeding.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Do all parents think their kids are geniuses?

Its seems that time has been moving at light speed and Westyn is going to be 15 before we know it. She is talking now - she tries to say I love you (her way is I-I-I in 3 syllables), she says Hi all the time with the cheesiest grin, she recites E-I-E-I-O at random and we just figured out what she was saying yesterday, she says eye and points to her eye, says Uh-Oh every chance she gets, and the list goes on and on. I'm sure all 1-year-olds are advanced in their own special way but Troy and I are enjoying our 5 minutes of fame thinking that she is the smartest baby that ever lived. A few days ago she started playing soccer. Yes thats right, soccer! Last week she was into tossing the ball back and forth with her hands but that was so yesterday; now she prefers to use her feet. And when we ask her to kick the soccer ball, she puts it on the ground and starts kicking it (Jen, I think Mark would appreciate this) - see... genius. She is at such a fun age and I can tell it's only going to get better.

To sum up the last couple of weeks (since it has been that long since I last posted), we initiated Spring by celebrating Westyn's Birthday on a perfect Saturday afternoon with friends and family. On Easter we went to Newcastle Golf Club for brunch and Westyn was able to meet the Easter bunny for the first time (last Easter she was only weeks old). And today we spent a few hours in downtown Kirkland looking at the ducks, getting the old eyebrows waxed (me not her), running around in the grass staining our pants, and looking at some crazies tossing fireballs. All in all the last 3 weeks have been wonderful, how could they not be when we have a little perfect being to share our days and nights with.

Oh one more thing before I start the horribly long task of uploading some pictures - here are her 1-year stats.

Weight: 24 lbs 11 oz - over 90%
Height: 32 1/2" - over 97%
Head: BIG!!! 47 1/2 - 95% She takes after her Daddy, I know most would think me but my heads' deceiving, I just have loads of hair. At least her head is consistantly getting larger with the rest of her body - right?
I gave birth to a cheeseball

Westyn and Chloe enjoying an afternoon snack at her birthday party - on a side note, I have given up breastfeeding during the day (she drinks whole milk at every meal) but still nurse in the mornings and at night. It's nice to have the freedom throughout the day but I'm having a hard time giving it up completely

Westyn enjoying her Birthday cupcake from JOAT's cupcakes - they were hands down the best cupcakes I have ever had and were decorated to perfection. She even came and set them up at my house! I will be ordering these in the future and I know several of Westyn's guests will also.

Figuring out what to do with her and Daddy's Easter basket

My little family in our Sunday best - It was very windy, hence the 80's do

Not a baby anymore - such a funny shirt though.

on a mission in her cute little yoga pants and converse