Sunday, May 16, 2010

We kicked off the season early and we kicked it off right

The Hood canal season that is. The season of sun, campfires & smores with Reeses peanut butter cups, drinking too much wine, waterskiing, swimming, spending time with our incredible family, margaritas at noon while floating in the water, playing baggo until dark and enjoying my beautiful little family. Our season doesn't usually start until Memorial Weekend but since my Grandma was able to get a few weeks off from chemo and come home for 10 days we all spent the weekend together with her. We started a new tradition of "buckets" this weekend. My Aunt Sally was able to talk her neighbors (they own a local restaurant chain) into giving her the recipe of a very special drink - you are only allowed 2 of these at the we know why. So if one was to walk by our place on the beach they would have seen about a dozen people walking around drinking out of buckets being quite loud.

We even came home with a bit of a tan, Westyn included, even though she was covered in SPF 50, I think she was blessed with Troy's ability to get a great tan.

Having an evening drink together

This is what we get to look at every evening

My incredible Dad

Discovering sea life