Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Keri's in labor!!!! 15 days early.

I thought I would give everyone an update this morning and tell you about Keri and her miraculous labor that's taking place 15 days early. Her water broke this morning at 3am after she got up to get a glass of water and she has been in the hospital since 4:30am. Of course she took a shower, put on make-up and straightened her hair before arriving to the hospital....the Keri we know & love. Her contractions are currently very weak (she said about a 1 on a scale to 10) and her doctor is coming in at 7am to check her and see how dialated she is.

We can't wait for Makena to get here!!! I will post updates throughout the day.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dear Westyn,

As I'm writing this post on your 3 month birthday you are in your crib listening to your mobile play the beautiful song of rock-a-bye-baby. Before you were born your Daddy and I would play the mobile over and over again marveling at what was to come and it would bring tears to our eyes just thinking about the little girl that we were about to welcome into this world. In these past 3 months you have brought more joy and love to our lives than you could ever imagine. To look at you and watch you smile on a daily basis makes us so proud of the little person you are becoming. We aren't very religious people but something needs to be said about the blessed feeling we have when we think about what we have created in you and what we have to look forward to for the rest of our lives. You are truly a miracle and I hope you think of yourself as this forever. You have made us complete as you were the missing link in our little family.

I hope you know just how loved you are by everyone and we can't wait to watch you grow into the beautiful little girl we know you'll be.

Happy 3 months old my darling little baby,
we love you more than you will ever know

Monday, June 8, 2009

Date night # 2....a success

So I didn't blog about our first date night about a month ago because it was a major catastrophe. I was running late (the norm these days) and wasn't able to properly get ready and of course I wanted to look halfway decent since I never do anymore. I was also stressed because this was when Westyn was in her 2 hour per night crying phase, which has since diminished (yippee), and I was nervous for my parents, and most importantly it was the first time Troy and I were away from Westyn for more than 1 hour. We went to El T's and sat in the bar which was nice, and the we went and saw a movie. Throughout the movie I kept picturing Westyn's face and I COULD NOT stop thinking about her. The end of the movie couldn't have come faster and then to top it off, on the way home I was balling like a baby. DISASTER

However...date night #2 which took place on Friday was just perfect. My Mother-in-law watched Westyn for the first time and Troy and I went to our annual Mariner's game (awesome picture above). We had the best, much needed night, and when we got home Westyn was asleep after a great first night with her Grandma. We have decided we are going on date nights twice a month, and maybe soon I will have enough courage to leave her for a night away...yikes.

On another note, Westyn is growing and maturing so much everyday it seems unreal how quickly the baby phases come and go. She is constantly smiling now and trying so hard to
laugh - they sort of come out as screams or coughs. I truly think we have secret conversations all day as she is babbling nonstop She loves to try and grab her toys & rattles on her Baby Einstein mat, and loves the music that comes out of her mobiles (plural because Katie is letting me borrow her funky mobile for a while, which Westyn is obsessed with. On one end we have the mobile that matches her crib bedding that plays nursery rhymes and on the other is the crazy one with all the colors and objects that plays Mozart and Bach - it is Westyn's crack). She is definitely developing a personality and gets bored very easily, I have become a champ at making up silly songs to keep her happy. To top it off she gets more and more beautiful every day and has the bluest eyes I have ever seen on a baby. Okay - there is the update my friends.

Here are some picture from the last week.

Westyn and Grandma time

Daddy gave her a mohawk after her bath

a bit too much stimulation

Monday, June 1, 2009


I tried so hard to stay awake during the MTV Movie awards last night just so I could see the trailer for New Moon, of course I went to bed before it was shown but fortunately it's posted all over the internet this morning.


If this movie is as cheesy as Twilight I will be super pissed.