Saturday, January 30, 2010

Our week in pictures

In the last 2 weeks Westyn has learned how to hug....makes my heart flutter when she hugs me, and pointing.
She points at everything.

she will crawl through this end table 10 times a night

She will empty out each little toy cubby and then plant herself right on the shelf
Digging through her toy bin

Hanging out naked before bath her bath

This is what I came downstairs to after I was done with the dishes - Troy had set up a makeshift fort for him & Westyn. Possibly the best Daddy in the world

Nothing new to report except that we had a great week and ended it last night with a great night at EL T's. Met our new renter last night who signed a 24 month lease for our rental property; always nice when that happens as we won't have to worry about a tenant for 2 years. Westyn has been sprouting into this little girl every day and her hair seems to grow an inch every night. I gave in and bought her some hairclips as her bangs are so long they are constantly in her eyes. I was never the headband, hairclip, frofro type but it was getting a bit out of hand. She is doing great with normal food and I would love to stop baby food altogether but stil want to make sure she is getting all of her meats, grains, veggies, fruits. Sometimes she will chew on a piece of chicken for a few minutes but then spit it out, so until this stops I have to spoon feed her also. Kenai has learned to sit under her highchair and wait for food to drop - Westyn has learned that Kenai does this so she will pick up her food from her tray and feed it to him. They are becoming fast friends. Nursing has become a challenge in every sense of the word. She loves to nurse in the morning and at night but throughout the day she can't even be asked to sit still. I think she may be telling me something. If I had it my way I would breastfeed her until she was 5, to some that may seem unbelieveable but I have loved every second of it.

Time to go, going to Skype with my in-laws.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


I think she sometimes gets sick of Troy and I smothering her with 1,000,050 kisses that she just wants to skirt on out. Even Kenai was partaking in the Westyn kisses tonight and he is definitely NOT partial to Westyn (although her is getting better). This was pretty funny as she was banging on the door and trying to grab the door knob.

Today we went to Henry's 1st Birthday party and of course I had to buy Westyn a new outfit for the event, I think Kelly Green is my new favorite color on her.
It was so much fun to see all of the kids playing together - they really are all growing up so fast and I love that they can finally interact. Westyn was taking Henry's pacifier out of his mouth, grabbing Izzy's Nuby cup to drink her water, and dominating the toys... will I have my hands full with her?

Tomorrow Westyn is 10 months old,
and she is quite literally my little slice of heaven. I never thought in a hundred years that I would be given the honor to be a Mother to a little girl as wonderful, intriguing, beautiful, funny, entertaining & smart as her. It's funny how having a baby makes you cheesy. I'm thinking of the cheesiest things I could write right now but I suppose I will save you all from my cheese vomit.

Sorry for my lack of pictures. This week was stupid. My busiest week since well before I had Westyn. As I do love being busy, my heart breaks a bit when I'm still in an appointment at 7pm knowing that Troy is getting Westyn ready for bed, and I missed out on the night playing with the two of them.

I'll leave you with this little peanut - who just so happens to adore rubbing food all over her face.