Thursday, June 7, 2012

30 Weeks with the little guy

My attempt at a self taken picture which is why I'm not smiling - too much concentration.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

belly shot 23 weeks

Courtesy of Westyn

These two

These two girls when they are together are pretty amazing. It sucks horribly that they live across the country but I'm hopeful that someday SOON they will find themselves back in our area. My brother graduates from Cornell with an MBA in a few weeks but they are staying in Ithaca for another year or so as the kids have adjusted too well for them to up and leave.
Westyn adores her cousins and it's so fun that they are all close in age and now adding another one to the bunch will make 5 cousins meaning 5 grandkids for my parents to deal with.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Thoughts on #2

As most of you know via that little thing called Facebook, we get to be parents to a little baby boy in about 5 months. We are over-the-moon excited but also a bit nervous (at least I am). I'm not nervous about caring for a boy or how I'm going to be as a Mom with a boy, but I think I'm most nervous about sharing my heart with another little human and Westyn feeling like she is now second best. Don't get me wrong, I already love this little guy beyond words, but Westyn is my soul, my everything, my little sidekick. While she is 100% aware that she is going to have a little brother/be a big sister, it kills me every time I think of her feeling like she is not as loved as before.
I wonder if that certain amount of love you have in your heart quadruples once you have another child?
Do all Mom's expecting #2 feel this way - how can I love another child like I love my first?
Do the older siblings get over it within the first couple of months, or does it depend on their age? (I hope that since Westyn is 3 and 'gets it' that it will be easier on her and she will feel like she is needed).
What can parents' do to show their first that they are still just as special and amazing even though there will be another baby coming along?

Friday, March 23, 2012

She's 3!!

Westyn turned 3 last Sunday and we had a princess themed birthday party for her with family invited and a few of her closest friends. We have very minimal pictures from her party but just enough to capture her smile. Clearly her Daddy isn't a photographer, nor I. She had been anticipating her birthday for a loooong time as she was very specific about what she wanted and as it turned out it looked like Disney threw-up all over our house. This kids loves her some princesses.
She is one of the most loved little girls I know and so many people have enjoyed watching her grow into this amazing little 3-year-old. Unfortunately our little one on the way has a lot to live up to.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

16 weeks and some Whistler pics

I had every intention of posting a belly pic of me this morning but to be honest, they scare me. When I take them myself my arms look 50 pounds each and it just doesn't look normal. If they give me that reaction I can only imagine what people reading this would think. So we'll just stick to a good ol' update and some pics of my little one at Whistler.

This pregnancy has been leaps and bounds different than my first with Westyn. My first trimester was miserable. I had acne like a teenager going through puberty and pretty bad nausea. Not to mention I was the DEVIL to Troy. Seriously, I was not me - it wasn't even pity worthy, like 'please feel bad for me I'm pregnant', that's how mean I was. Luckily, now that I have gotten over that little hump I'm back to my lovely, sunny, happy

Below are a few pictures of Westyn up at Whistler when we went for my birthday a few weeks ago. She has become quite the little skiier and hopefully next year we can put her in ski lessons at the pass. We all went up the gondola together and I did ski but took it very very easy. I had to snow plow the whole time since I was holding a harness that Westyn was hooked up to. I highly recommend purchasing this harness if you're trying to get your child on skis. You control how fast they go and can maneuver their turns to get them comfortable turning. Insert harness website here... of course I dont know the name though.

Westyn & my Dad on the carpet lift up the hill - perfect for kids

On the Whistler gondola

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Knocked Up.

Christmas came around the 6th for us when we found out (the biggest shock of our life) that we were having another baby. We had planned on thinking about it come spring but never thought it would happen so fast. I guess thats what happens when you go to Mexico and have WAY to many margaritas for 7 days straight, thanks Michelle... We are so thrilled but more importantly Westyn is beyond excited. Everyday she comes up and kisses my tummy and asks how baby is doing. Love it!

I'm thinking maybe I'll do a weekly baby bump photo shoot to post, love seeing other blogs with this.

Stay Tuned