Friday, August 28, 2009

Blue-Eyed girl

I wish Westyn would stay a baby forever so I could continue to give her a million kisses a day. But I also wish she would easily go down for naps during the day so that I could get some work done. It seems that the last few days the only way she will nap is if we're going for a walk in the stroller. I guess I can walk a few times a day in order for her to soundly nap - maybe it will do me good as well. Well... since I can't get anything done I might as well take some pictures.

Here are some pictures from my very nonproductive Friday...

trying so hard to crawl

who wouldn't want kiss this face?

look at that little kisser...

okay Mom, enough with the pics (I think I've found her go-to color)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

sleeping beauty

Westyn was 5 months old on Tuesday and I have to say I wish that time would stand still for a few months. She is growing SO FAST that it seems like she's going to be a toddler before we know it. She is so aware of her surroundings and is becoming very curious with objects and sights around her. She loves playing with her little toys but unfortunately has outgrown her play mat as it has become a hazzard since she is constantly rolling over and her little body gets stuck. The last few nights/mornings I've had to deal with coming into her nursery and finding her on her belly sometimes sleeping sometimes happy and sometimes crying because she can't roll back over. This has been somewhat scary since all the medical profesionals warn you about babies sleeping on their stomachs and the correlation with SIDS. But, on the other hand if she is strong enough to get herself on her belly then she must be old enough and smart enough to sleep on it.

Nothing new to report on her growth as she won't have another appt. until the 6 month mark, however if you go by clothes (and she's in 9 month clothes) then I would say she's doing great.

starts off like this....

but then I find her like this, and she is awake and pretty content

and we get her changed and she is a happy baby....

looking very grown-up I might ad

Monday, August 17, 2009

Moments with Grandpa

My father-in-law (Troy's Dad) came to visit this weekend on his way home from Alaska to South Carolina and unfortunately he left this morning. We had a great time with him and are so glad he was able to spend some quality time with Westyn and soak up all of her wonderful-ness. She sure loves her Grandpa and will miss him so much. She was whispering to me as he was driving away that she hopes she will see him again soon.. maybe in December......

We miss you already!

I thought this picture of Westyn & Kenai was so cute, she is becoming so infatuated with him (I didn't place her like this)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Random thoughts

Don't get me wrong I love, love, love summer - but I CAN'T WAIT for Fall!!! I love everything about fall, but most importantly FOOTBALL!!!! I also love the smell outside in the mornings and the leaves changing color. I love picking pumpkins with Troy which we have made a tradition for 5 +years. I love soup nights when it is raining out and Troy builds a fire. I can't wait to put Westyn in beanie caps and vests and buy her little Ugg boots to keep her feet warm. By this time she will be crawling (maybe) and interacting with her brother (Kenai) a bit more and we will be able to dress her up for Halloween - our favorite holiday. And I get to meet little Calum for the first time and give him a million kisses on his chubby cheeks and finally introduce Jen, Mark & Dett to Westyn. I can't wait to go hiking in middle September when it is still warm out but you can feel fall quietly coming. I am so excited for the Coug Football game which we have always tailgated (last year I was pregnant so I couldn't fully enjoy the festivities) and had the best time.

Who else is excited for fall -or am I the only crazy one???

Monday, August 3, 2009

This past week...

Not much to report on except that we survived this past week in the heat wave. Westyn was a little trooper as I know she was miserable as were we. We gave her cold baths every night and stressed about what to put her in for bed - and decided on just a diaper. Kenai was equally as miserable so we handed him off to my parents on Wednesday and they headed to the canal; I followed on Thursday. It was just as hot at the canal but with the breeze it felt much cooler. Troy took the ferry from work Friday afternoon and we once again had an amazing weekend waterskiing and swimming. Our friends Danny & Liz Walton came out on Saturday morning and we had a wonderful time with them floating around in the water drinking plenty of margaritas.

On another note, Westyn started swim lessons 3 weeks ago and is having a great time. Troy goes in the pool with her while I'm at the edge with the camera like a crazy Mom. Since these started we have taken her infant bathtub out and she now takes baths in the regular tub lying on a bath mat. This has given her much more freedom to play and move her legs and she really has taken to it - it's pretty funny to watch. We also started her on rice cereal a few weekends ago, not quite sure how to report on that....I think she liked it but she liked the spoon in her mouth much more.
Trying solids for the first time - but did it get in her mouth?

Swim Lessons with Daddy

She loves her jump-a-roo
playing with Aunt Christy

I couldn't get over how cute her bum looked in her swimsuit

Grandma & Westyn
Mommy and Westyn

Big smiles

Loving the salt water

Now that's what I call a perfect dinner...fresh King caught 2 weeks ago on the Kenai River