Friday, August 29, 2008

11 Week......gross!

So today I'm offically 11 weeks and I have to admit there is nothing great about being 11 weeks pregnant. I have broken out with the worst possible case of adult acne that you can get and I look like I should be going through puberty instead of pregnancy, but thats what the books say to look forward to....awesome. Do any of you DG's remember when I used to wash my face at night and then put that white zit crap all over my face, well history repeats itself - and yes Troy LOVES it. Totally kidding, along with it being absurdly unattractive it also bleaches our duvet cover and pillows when I go to bed. I also seem to have grown a small little potbelly on either side of my belly button that I have tried my whole like to keep flat.....sweet. The docs say that this will all go away along with my nausea once I reach the beginning of my second trimester, so please keep my zits in your thoughts.

On another note, the Coug game is tomorrow and Troy and I have made it a tradition to get there super early with the pooper and grab a spot to tailgate with all of our friends, really looking forward to it. I must say though it will be quite different this year for me without the hardcore boozing all day and staying out until all hours, at least I'll feel chipper Sunday morning whilst everyone else is hating life. However, it will be a great day anyways seeing old friends and... oh yeah watching the football game.

We have our next appointment a week from today which will be an ultrasound and some blood work, at that point we will be in the last week of my first trimester - YEAH!

Cheers to a great holiday weekend!

Monday, August 25, 2008

10 Weeks.... Due date - March 20th, 2009!

Troy and I decided to start this blog to update family and friends on the progress of this little bugger that is growing inside my belly - but also... because I have become obsessed with blogs that my friends and friends of friends have created so I had no choice but to create my own.

We had our first ultrasound last week after what seemed like years of waiting for the appointment. We wanted to be sure that everything was going as it should and that there was a strong heartbeat so we were hesitant to even talk about it with family and friends. I'm not sure if this was just paranoia or normal first-time-parent hesitations. As it turns out of course the appointment went off without a hitch except for the fact that Troy and I were in total awe for the next few days and seemed to be floating in space. I don't think anything could have prepared us for that perfect little picture that popped up on that ultrasound machine. Immediately the baby's little heart was beating well over a hundred times a minute and it was clear as day on the mini t.v. that was set up. Then without warning the baby started moving all across the screen swimming around, flailing its hands and legs everywhere. I swear I thought either myself or Troy were going to faint any minute. Luckily that didnt happen and we ended the appointment with a knowledge that our due date is March 20th. Along with that is the absolute facsination that we have a small human that is growing inside my stomach which was made equally by the two of us. Incredible!
On a lighter note - the photo shown in this post is from our honeymoon after about 10 shots of tequila, hence Troy looking like a cartoon character....