Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What am I thankful for?

Living my life each day with these two

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Westyn....

....and to celebrate your 8 months of life, Mommy and Daddy bought you a new Tahoe! Woohoo! One favor though, do you mind if we drive it for the next 16 years?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Happy Baby

When you have a happy baby you know you're doing something right.

As a new parent, and I'm sure all you other new parents agree, you feel somewhat insecure on a daily basis. Am I feeding them enough? Are they getting the right nutrients? Are they too hot/cold? Do they have enough toys, are they fun toys? Am I reading to them as much as I should? The list goes on and on. You'd think that once your child is eight months old you would have some things down, but I am constantly learning about how to be a better more patient parent. I try not to say "NO" as much and say things like "danger" (thanks Katie), or "please don't put that cord in your mouth because it may electrocute you". Instead of using one word phrases with her I always try to use full sentences and have conversations with her so that one day she will hopefully be that kid that loves to talk. As parents we are the most important teachers in their lives and she will never have a teacher more important than Troy and I. Such a HUGE responsibility but so well worth it.

Westyn these days....
1. She is only content when she is able to crawl around and pull herself up on EVERYTHING.
2. She loves to climb the stairs
3. Bathtime is now a zoo and she crawls all around the bath and splashes like I've never seen any baby make a mess.
4. Her and my niece (her cousin) Campbell LOVE to hold hands, and sort of talk in their own language.
5. Her top two teeth are coming through the gums and she is beginning to look like a vampire...but a cute vampire... like Renesmee .
I'm sure there are a million things I am missing but she just woke from a nap and I'm sure chewing on the crib rail, so have a great weekend.

trying to grab more toys even though there are about 20 scattered across the family room

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Surprise

This is how Troy and I found Westyn Saturday morning...

Happy Halloween Mommy & Daddy!

Oh and by the way I figured out how to stand up in my crib.

So needless to say Troy moved the crib matress to the last notch last night before we put her to bed.

Each day is a new surprise with this little girl - she is the hammiest of all hams. But so so fun. Dinner time is especially crazy as she puts on a show each time we put her in her highchair. Whether it be screaming at the top of her lungs or making the funniest 'mouth-fart' noises and spitting all over herself. She gets us laughing which is exactly what she hopes to do.

She has also learned how to pull herself up on anything and everything and has started climbing the stairs. She gets into drawers now and pulls out all of Kenai's toys from his basket... AND enjoys taking a quick chew on his bulley stick (bull penis/bone) when I'm not looking. Nice.

All in all she is growing up SO fast and we are enjoying every moment of it. We are experiencing her little personality each day and are blown away by our little girl.