Friday, February 27, 2009

Ladies and gentlemen...we have some progress.

Okay, so not too much progress but I am 50% effaced which means that I am slowly but surely going to have this baby. I've had some excruticatingly sharp pains (down there) the last few days and after meeting with my doc this morning I am somewhat relieved as he said that means her head is pushing on my cervix which in turn means that she is in a great position and very very low. Yippee! But he then followed that statement with, "but you probably have a few more weeks since you're not dilated yet".


Monday, February 23, 2009

Baby update & Birthday wishes

First off I want to wish Misty a very Happy Birthday, I hope you have a wonderful birthday with your little guy and big guy celebrating with an enormous glass of wine and a wonderful dinner. Can't wait to see you tomorrow.

I also thought I should post an update of my big fat pregnancy belly. I am officially 37 weeks today (yippee!!!) which means I could go into labor at anytime and she would be perfectly ready and baked for the outside world. I had a Dr's. appointment on Friday (I will see him once a week now) and am definitely sealed shut so we're thinking I'll probably go to my due date or beyond but we'll see. The doc said that if she was born today she would be about 6 lbs give or take and if I go to my due date (3/16) they expect her to be about 7 1/2 lbs; I would much rather her be over 7lbs than 6 since they tend to lose weight when they're born - but I obviously can't control that.

Overall I'm feeling really good except for the horrible bout of carpel tunnel that I developed in the last month or so. Unfortunately there is nothing one can do when they get carpel tunnel from pregnancy, you just have to deal with it as it will go away immediately after the baby is born. CT is caused by the excess blood and fluid in my system creating a sort of blockage in my wrist which in turn numbs my hands and fingers making them feel extremely tight and achy -awesome isn't it. I also have very large ankles at the moment and cringe whenever I look at my feet; however it does give me a reason to get off my feet a few times throughout the day which I never ever usually do until late.

More updates to come as the big day gets closer.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

If I do say so myself...

..I think I have the best job and co-workers ever created. I have been with the same company for 6 years and I have zero intention for ever leaving, I will retire here. For those of you that don't know, I work for Valpak, ya know the blue envelopes you get in the mail with all of the great coupons in them..... yes that's what I do and I love it! I help all of the local businesses in Redmond and Kirkland advertise and with the economy being the way it is they really need it. I work from home but go out in the field on a daily basis to see my clients and prospect new clients, of course that will change in a few weeks.
Aside from having the best job, I have the best co-workers and office staff imaginable and that's why they surprised me yesterday at our monthly sales meeting with a baby shower. I walked into the conference room and it was completely decorated and there were loads of gifts on the end table with a gigantic cake. Of course I started crying because I seem to do that as often as I breathe these days. My co-workers are like family to me since we have all been there so long (some 15-20 years) and the owners are like my surrogate grandparents - everyone has been so excited for Troy and I throughout this whole pregnancy and very suportive.
So anyways, I just wanted to give a little shot-out to my office as I love them very much and I couldn't have asked for a better day yesterday - thank you for everything, you're all the best.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Babe Shower

Thank you to the 3 wonderful girls plus my 2 wonderful Aunts and my incredible Mom who hosted my baby shower on Sunday. I had so much fun and the food was outstanding. I highly recommend having a bridal/baby shower as a brunch since you can get home somewhat early and all the brunch food is so yummy. Only about 4 1/2 weeks to go and then I can put all the fun shower gifts to use.

Keri, Leah & Leslie

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dear nice old man in the grocery store....

Yes I know that you are a Doctor at Planned Parenthood but may I advise that next time you run into a rather pregnant woman in the grocery store that it may not be the best idea to aruge with her about the sex of the baby she is carrying. Yes I know I am carrying low (which is a supposed sign of a boy) and yes as I explained I have had a few ultrasounds one which revealed the sex, so maybe next time leave it be at that. But no, you had to continue talking/shouting to me as I was walking away and yell down the aisle that I better make sure it's a girl when she comes you think I or my Doctor will make a mistake when we look at her little private parts???? Gimme a break!

That pregnant woman who is NOT carrying a boy.