Thursday, March 1, 2012

16 weeks and some Whistler pics

I had every intention of posting a belly pic of me this morning but to be honest, they scare me. When I take them myself my arms look 50 pounds each and it just doesn't look normal. If they give me that reaction I can only imagine what people reading this would think. So we'll just stick to a good ol' update and some pics of my little one at Whistler.

This pregnancy has been leaps and bounds different than my first with Westyn. My first trimester was miserable. I had acne like a teenager going through puberty and pretty bad nausea. Not to mention I was the DEVIL to Troy. Seriously, I was not me - it wasn't even pity worthy, like 'please feel bad for me I'm pregnant', that's how mean I was. Luckily, now that I have gotten over that little hump I'm back to my lovely, sunny, happy

Below are a few pictures of Westyn up at Whistler when we went for my birthday a few weeks ago. She has become quite the little skiier and hopefully next year we can put her in ski lessons at the pass. We all went up the gondola together and I did ski but took it very very easy. I had to snow plow the whole time since I was holding a harness that Westyn was hooked up to. I highly recommend purchasing this harness if you're trying to get your child on skis. You control how fast they go and can maneuver their turns to get them comfortable turning. Insert harness website here... of course I dont know the name though.

Westyn & my Dad on the carpet lift up the hill - perfect for kids

On the Whistler gondola

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Loosy said...

Guuuuuuuurl I'm sure you look amazeballs. You're probably still doing crossfit or px90 or whatever it is you little people do. And that Westyn of yours on skis, um she looks like she's 8, what a stud.